How to choose more better Full-color led display

- May 17, 2019-

How to choose the more better Full-color led display


At present, in this competitive market environment, although the visual effect of full-color LED display screen is getting better and better, the quality is getting worse and worse. In order to make more profits, some illegal businesses constantly improve and replace raw materials and accessories, resulting in shorter service life and higher failure rate. Here, we will share with our friends how to avoid the quality problems of LED display screen, hoping to make our customers feel at ease to buy and use.


1. The most critical material is LED chip lamp beads (we need to know the brand of lamp wick used in this product. The choice of packaging manufacturers is also very important. It is better to choose more famous packaging manufacturers, such as high-end Nationalstars, China Electric Power,Kinglight, etc.).


2. The brain-driven IC of the display screen is also a crucial accessory, which is equivalent to the human brain. Without it, no matter how good the LED is, it can't display the picture properly. The high-end has Taiwan's accumulation, and the conventional has home-made rich electronics, gathering and creating the north, etc.


3. Power supply for display panel will directly affect the life of module. It's better not to try to be cheap. Low-quality power supply is easy to burn out, or output voltage is unstable, voltage is impure, interference is large, and even cause fire. It is recommended to buy a famous brand power supply or a power supply with more market users as the first choice, followed by a power supply with high cost performance, which is too cheap. Usually it will not be a good power supply. G-ENGERY, Mingwell are the common high-end power sources.


Looking back on the years of working in the LED display industry, because of the application demand of LED display, the industry has developed rapidly. It is precisely because of the rapid development, there are still many loopholes or shortcomings in the LED display screen. With the improvement of these technologies, we have been striving to innovate. We believe that with the continuous innovation and progress of technology, the LED display screen will become more and more perfect and more popular with consumers.

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