LED Display common faults and its elimination method

- Apr 18, 2018-

LED Display common faults and its elimination method?

The whole screen failure

A. the whole screen is not bright (black screen),

1, check whether power supply electricity.

2, test the communication lines connected, do you have any wrong. (synchronous screen)

3, synchronous screen test sending card and receiving cartoon - green with or without blinking.

4, computer monitor whether protection, or screen display area is pure blue or black. (synchronous screen)

B. the whole unit board not bright (black screen)

1, the successive frames horizontal direction not bright, check the abnormal and normal cell plate unit board wiring connections between connected; Or the chip 245 is normal,

2, successive frames and longitudinal direction is not bright, check this column if the power supply is normal.

C. upward unit plate is not bright

1, check the lines and 4953 output pin if there is a pass.

2, 138.

3, check whether the 4953 hot or burned.

If there is a high level 4, 4953.

5, 138 and 4953 feet if there is a general control.

D. unit board is not bright

1, 595.

2, check whether the module corresponding to the up and down through the foot through.

3, 595 if there is a pass to the module output the feet.

E. unit board lack of color

1, 245 r. gutierrez is the data output.

2, check the normal output of 595 feet, and if there is a general abnormal input 595 feet.

Led display maintenance simple and easy process

F control system

1, the whole screen is not bright or squares

Control whether the host open

Communication line is good

Sending card is good

Multimedia card and acquisition card, whether cable connected between the sending card

Receiving card JP1 and JP2 wrong switch position "open the host

Plug the communication line

The sending card inserted

Even a lot of media CARDS and acquisition card, cable between sending card.

Adjust JP1, JP2 switch position

Computer monitor whether protection, are pure blue or black or display shows field. (synchronous screen)

2, each time you start the LED studio tip can't find the control system

COM port to send data card signal gathering line not connected or the computer itself

The COM is bad.

Connect the data line or replace the computer

3, the whole screen picture shaking or double

Check the computer and between the lines of communication

Check the DVI line multimedia CARDS and send CARDS.

Sending card is bad. The communication line inserted or replaced. Reinforce inserted the DVI line again. Replace the sending card

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