P5.95 Curved Rental LED Displays for SHENZHEN TV Station

- Jan 19, 2016-

P5.95mm Curved  LED Display 160pcs Cabinets
Installation Place
:SHENZHEN City,Futian District

LED Display Pitch: P5.95MM SMD3528 Black LED

Die Casting Rental Cabinet: 20pcs (500mm) x 8pcs (1000mm)

LED Display Size: 80SQM

Application: Used in TV station and use Curved Side Rental cabinet 500 x 1000mm,cuved angle can be adjusted around 14.5-17.5 degree, can be adjusted  by customers.

Know more about curved Rental Cabinet, visit at http://www.ledporstar.com/rental-led-display/slim-led-display/p5-95mm-slim-rental-led-display.html

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