Small-pitch led display

- May 27, 2019-

As we all know, the small-pitch LED display is an indoor LED display with pixel spacing of P2.5 and below. 

The small-pitch LED display is becoming more and more mature in the application industry such as indoor high-end command and control center, dispatch center and monitoring center.

1.Eliminate visual seams and enjoy super large and complete display screens;

2. Pure black and white background color, showing beautiful colors and clear picture layers;

3. High-precision calibration system to make the picture brighter and even.

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With small-pitch LED display, excellent color performance and low energy consumption, the small-pitch LED display can meet the command and dispatch center, command and control center, radio and television studio, and meteorological information center with high image quality requirements. Demand for high-end indoor applications.

Significant advantages of small pitch LED display:

1. Seamless stitching,the size can be expanded infinitely.

2. The installation method is flexible and diverse.

3. The thickness of the screen is thin,

4. Save space,

5. High brightness,

6. There is no high cost of replacing the bulb, low energy consumption, and low operating and maintenance costs.

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How to choose a small pitch LED display


.ue to the need to install more LED lamp beads per unit area, the small-pitch LED display screen has higher requirements on the process, and the heat dissipation, circuit and other problems have to be solved, and the cost is higher than the large pitch, and the yield is low, resulting in low yield. At present, the price of small-pitch LED products is still high, but with the growth of the production capacity of small-pitch LED displays, the technology will be refined, the yield will be further refined, and the price of products will be gradually discounted.


Even for small-pitch products such as P1.5, to achieve high-definition resolution (1920*1080), the screen size will reach 144 inches, which is a huge demand for space. The long specification without the dry base is probably 3.2MX1.8M up and down, it is not an easy task to find a wall that can put it down. It is not necessary to consider the complicated installation work of this big guy.

3. Maintenance

Although the life of the LED lamp bead can reach 100,000 hours, due to the extremely high density and the required thickness of the entry product, it is difficult to dissipate heat and is prone to local failure, so that if it is a small-diameter display with a large area size Maintenance and overhaul are more difficult.

4. Material  of  cabinet

The main structure adopts high-performance heat-conducting aluminum material, and the internal circuit is specially optimized. The interior of the cabinet adopts large-area heat dissipation design, which can quickly take away the heat inside the cabinet, so that the whole screen temperature rises low and the operation is more stable.


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