Transparent LED Display Project Installed in TOYOTA 4S Shops-HANZHOU CITY

- Nov 25, 2016-

P10mm  Transparent  LED Display 60.21sqm
Installation Place
:Toyota shop of Hanzhou City,China

LED Display Pitch: P10MM SMD3528 UV protect LED,High Brightness

LED Lamps: SMD3528 UV led from NATIONSTAR Package Company

Transparent LED Cabinet: 20pcs (320mm) x 5pcs (1280mm) Cabinet size 960 x 640mm

Transparent Rate: more than 65%

LED Display Size: 60.21SQM

Application: For Transparent LED Display, most will be used in Big Building facade,Shopping mall, Car Show, Indoor Advertising wall and some Shops, such as clothes,Shops,watches,KFC etc.

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