LED Colorful Display Selection Points

- Jun 12, 2017-

Outdoor LED display in the selection of the following points must be considered:

1, Brightness: (Indoor screen luminous brightness than outdoor screen than a few times to dozens of times-fold; put the indoor display on the outside like the TV set outside the brightness is not enough)

What brightness does the ambient brightness require for the screen body?

General brightness requirements are as follows:LED Colorful Display

(1) Indoor: Seuter 800c

(2) Half Room: S. 2000

(3) Outdoor (sitting north of southern Dynasty): S. 4000CD

(4) Outdoors (South): Seuter 000c

2, the Environment: outdoor screen must prevent rainwater, direct sunlight, dustproof, high temperature, windproof, lightning protection, and so on, and indoor screen does not need to consider these problems

3, viewing distance: According to the distance between viewing to choose different spacing of LED display, not only in brightness can be better control, can save the budget, avoid unnecessary waste.

4. What are the playback effects that users need?LED Colorful Display

Can be rooted in the content of their own want to play, or want to achieve the playback effect to select the appropriate self LED display.

(1) Text display: Depending on the size of the text and the need to differentiate;

(2) Ordinary video display: 320x240 lattice;

(3) Digital standard DVD display: Cio 640 X480 lattice;

(4) Full computer video: Seoper00 X 600 lattice;

5. Power consumption

Power consumption-This is a concern of many people, outdoor LED display (full color) of the maximum consumption of about 800 square, that is to say, when the outdoor LED display reaches maximum power (peak) every moment, the power consumption per square hour will be 0.8 kwh. But not the LED outdoor display will peak all the time because when all the lights in the screen (RGB three colors of the lamp) It's all on and brightest. The LED display will reach its peak. When the outdoor LED display is playing a animations normally, the power consumption is only about 65% of the maximum power consumption. So the outdoor LED display every square hour of electricity consumption is: 0.8kl. 52 kwh. If the one-year calculation of 100 square meters of outdoor LED display power consumption (in 12 hours per day) is: 12 30.52 224640-degree electricity. Even if the electricity tariffs according to a yuan, the outdoor LED display used in the electricity tariffs are about 220,000, so the root of the environment brightness and viewing distance to choose the appropriate display in cost control is particularly important.

6. Service life:

This should be seen in several ways.

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