Five Steps For Indoor LED Display Installation

- Jun 12, 2017-

Led large screen is a flat panel display, consisting of a small LED module panels. LED large-screen display of a wide range of categories, generally can be divided into indoor, outdoor and half outdoor. In our daily life, everywhere LED display, the following small series to explain the LED display installation method.Indoor LED Display

Installation Step one: outer frame stitching

Assembling the outer frame of the LED display, that is, cutting the profile together, the general profile of the market is mainly square and circular, but its assembly method is the same.Indoor LED Display

Installation Step two: Fixed cell board

1. Place the unit plate in the frame (note the positive and negative sides of the frame, the side of the groove is the front), this time the installation of the back bar must be fairly accurate, or to reinstall from scratch.

2. Once the back is fixed, the frame can be removed and the magnets will be installed.Indoor LED Display

3. After the magnet is installed, the frame is closed, so that the magnet and the back strip are absorbed, and the fixed work of the unit plate is completed.

Installation step three: Connection line and up and down power cord

Installation step four: fixed power and control card

The power supply and the unit board wiring, need to pay attention to the positive and negative pole, suggested uses SVV2.0 Soft Core line, namely 1 square double strands soft core line.

Installation Step five: the control card and the Unit plate line connection Indoor LED Display

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