Transparent LED Display Box Function And Benefits

- Jun 12, 2017-

First, the main effect of the box

1.1 Fixed effect: Internal fixed module/Unit board, power supply and other transparent display components, all components must be fixed inside the box to facilitate the full display of the interface, external fixed frame structure may be steel structure.

2.1 Protection Effect: Protect the inside of the electronic components from the external environment, can protect the components, with outstanding protection effect.Transparent LED Display

Second, the Classification of the box:

1, box of raw materials classification: Usually box for iron box, high-end can choose aluminum alloy, stainless steel, carbon fiber, magnesium alloy and nano-polymer data box.Transparent LED Display

2, the use of the case classification: the primary classification method and the use of the environment, from the waterproof function is divided into waterproof box, simple box, from the device address and protection and display function can be divided into the front turn box, double-sided box, curved box and so on.

III. Introduction of the main box

1, Arc LED Display box introduction

Arc led box is for a variety of curved screen special planning LED display box. ARC Box Classification: Divided into external arc, internal arc two kinds, usually curved box is the box structure for the Arc and module and unit plate for general information, coupled with the curved steel structural planning and form a variety of curved display.

2, front turn LED display box and front protection screen features

In the special occasion must use the front turn LED display box to create the front protection screen, front door display, its first feature is: All the box from the front and rear two halves through the above to open the method to create.

Box structure: All the box is like a bottom-up open hinge, the following can be opened in the box to the internal components of the repair and protection, the screen device may be repaired in the future down the outside side, lock all the box has a waterproof function.

Customary occasions: applicable to the field LED display, the selection of a row of box devices, behind the situation is not protected space.

Excellent defect: The advantage is to facilitate the repair and protection of transparent display panel without protecting the space behind; the defect is the box cost is higher, in the LED display manufacture time between two boxes uses the power line and platoon line which several times than the general box, affects the communication and the power supply, increases the manufacturing cost.Transparent LED Display

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