An Introduction To The Problem Of Transparent LED Display

- Sep 25, 2017-

      Select the correct product model against the LED display control software and the control card you choose correct transmission mode, correct serial number, correct baud rate and control system hardware address position and baud rate, check the jumper cap is loose or fall off. ; Transparent LED Display

      If the jumper cap is not loose, make sure the jumper cap is in the correct direction.If after the above inspection and correction still appear to be loaded, please use a multimeter to measure, whether connected to the computer or control system hardware serial port is damaged. To confirm whether the computer manufacturer should be returned or the control system hardware returned to the test. Transparent LED Display

      Make sure the control system hardware is properly on. (v), check and confirm that the serial line used to connect the controller is a straight line, instead of crossing line, check and confirm that the serial connection line is intact and no loose or off at both ends of the phenomenon, control of the LED display software and their own choice of control card to choose the correct product model, the correct transmission mode, the correct serial number, Correct baud rate and control the address position and baud rate on the hardware of the controlling system.Transparent LED Display

     After the display controller is properly connected to the computer and the hub distribution board and the display screen, the controller is required to provide the V power to make it work (at this point, do not directly connect to the 220V voltage). Transparent LED Display

     On the power moment, the display will appear a few seconds of bright line or "flower screen", the bright line or "flower screen" is a normal test of the phenomenon, to remind users that the display is about to start working properly.Transparent LED Display

     Automatic brightness adjustment is based on different time period should appear in different brightness and by a broad LED display control system automatically adjusted to a predetermined brightness, manual brightness adjustment is the end user through the wide-width LED display control system operation and LED display to achieve a specified brightness.Transparent LED Display

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