Analysis Of Internal Structure Of Rental LED Display

- Oct 30, 2017-

With the use of time, led large screen hardware and software began to aging, the display effect is not enough to match and meet the growing commercial value of Pangu mansion, for this, the old screen transformation is imminent. Indoor LED display screen body is generally including box, module, power supply, connection wire and so on (indoor fixed installation of the screen according to the actual situation can not use the box with the carrier magnet adsorption); computer: General fixed installation is a desktop computer, rental of common notebooks and external cards used in conjunction.Rental LED Display

LED controller system: The general screen is not too big to use only 1 cards, the receiving card is based on the length of the screen and the actual accounting, we will give a suitable number to ensure that the display effect and cost (individual color LED display project can be implemented according to the actual requirements of remote control or wireless control). Distribution cabinets: Do not want to cheap themselves in the hardware store to configure, so very unprofessional, once do not good to screen life and normal use caused a great impact, we suggest that customers find professional manufacturers to buy, or by our purchasing.Rental LED Display Steel frame structure: We provide full-color LED display CAD reference design drawings, customers can be produced in the local, can also be contracted by our production; Thermal equipment: General indoor in the general environment without special cooling equipment, indoor generally to add air-conditioning, axial fan cooling, in order to improve the stability and life of the display.Rental LED Display

High: High grayscale high refresh rate design, gray level of the bit, refresh frequency >960hz; Low: Excellent thermal design and thermal performance, can not need external fans, air-conditioning, low noise, the box weight is light, the required installation costs are low, the box power consumption is low, the cost of operation is good, and the protection level of IP65 Suitable for outdoor leasing use, equipped with various specifications of the air box, convenient for storage and transportation of the box, and the LED display has played a very good protection role. According to customer requirements and on-site environment, tailored to the most suitable LED display leasing solutions.Rental LED Display

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