Analysis Of LED Colorful Display

- Oct 19, 2017-

Full-color LED display Huaping failure how to solve it? Full-color LED display Huaping can not be displayed for a variety of reasons, where the full-color LED display Huaping lighting how to repair the display to do a summary.LED Colorful Display 

The new screen on the power on the Huaping, if the new screen on the power to spend, it may be set to scan the control card is not correct, or cable is not plugged (check from the control card to the first board of the cable), 5V power connection Wrong will also be the problem. If the use of a period of time after the sudden discovery of this phenomenon, that in addition to control card failure, the biggest possibility is the board of water burning the chip or power.LED Colorful Display

There may be try to take a DVI interface, the first display, look at the graphics card DVI output port is normal signal. General smart rain card, then DVI interface resolution is 1024 * 768. Lead to LED display Huaping reasons, but also may be the graphics card, or drive the problem. Try to unplug the cable from the receiving card behind the display Press the debug button on the receiving card to see if the screen is scanned normally. Solution: 2.1LED control card parameter settings are correct, there is no signal transmission to the electronic display LED control card; communication line is normal communication, check the LED control card whether the signal input; 3LED control card 5V power supply is normal.LED Colorful Display Eliminate the cooling problem to solve the problem: Check the fan is running properly, to the fan refueling, clean up the dust inside the chassis to solve the heat problem can be ruled out after the failure. Luminous brightness strong. The display is clearly visible when the sunlight is directly on the screen surface at the visual distance. Super grayscale control. With 1024-4096 gray-scale control, display color 16.7M or more, clear and realistic color, three-dimensional sense of strong. LED Colorful DisplayStatic scanning technology. Using static latch scanning, high-power drive, fully guarantee the luminous brightness. Automatic brightness adjustment. With automatic brightness adjustment function, in different brightness environment to get the best playback. The full use of imported large-scale integrated circuits. Reliability greatly improved, easy to debug maintenance. Work around the clock.LED Colorful Display

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