Brightness Analysis Of Transparent LED Display

- Oct 30, 2017-

LED display: Also known as electronic display or floating word screen. is composed of LED lattice and led PC panel, through the red, blue, white, green LED lights to display text, pictures, animation, video, content. Depending on the needs of different occasions to make different adjustments, for example, the general billboard of those floating calligraphy and painting, is to create an animation through flash, saving in a memory card in the display, and then through the technical techniques displayed, can be changed according to different needs at any time, parts of the components are modular structure of the display pieces.Transparent LED Display 

The traditional LED display is usually composed of display module, control system and power system.Led by the widespread attention and get rapid development, and it has its own advantages of inseparable. These advantages are summarized as follows: High brightness, low working voltage, small power consumption, large-scale, long life, impact resistance and stable performance. Led development prospects are very broad, is currently moving towards higher brightness, higher weather resistance, higher luminous density, higher luminous uniformity, reliability, full-color direction of development.Transparent LED Display

LED display in the brightness at the same time, there are drawbacks, that is, in the rainy day, LED display through the rain wet, people's eyes for a long time close to the screen will be very easy to induce eye disease, there is a flow of tears, the source of pollution, LED display as environmental protection technology should be more fully considering the light on the human spirit of the impact, do not excessive pursuit of brightness.Transparent LED Display

The screen is very fragile, so avoid strong shocks and vibrations. LEDs are the most sensitive electrical equipment in a user's home or in all the supplies in the office. LEDs contain a lot of glass and sensitive electrical components, falling to the floor or other similar strong strike can cause the LED screen and the CFL unit damage. Also be careful not to put pressure on the LED display surface.Transparent LED Display

The liquid crystal display market has gone from the hot spot to the boiling point. Liquid crystal display prices have been diving, so that we ordinary people can easily use the "noble consumption" LCD screen. I believe a lot of friends have bought their favorite one. The next question is how to use and maintain, now I will talk about how to maintain our liquid crystal display? What are the skills in using?Transparent LED Display

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