Comparison Of Outdoor LED Display SMD 3535 & DIP 346 Lamps

- Dec 07, 2016-

Comparison of PH10mm SMD 3in1 & DIP 1R1G1B

Outdoor full color LED display screen

1. Display effect:

DIP 1R1G1B and SMD 3535 LEDs all can achieve very nice color.

2. Water proof:.

All with IP65 (front side), IP54 back side, but DIP can used for fixed installation with very good waterproof effect, SMD 3535LEDs is better for rental use, it can’t be waterproof for such long time as DIP type.

3. The module compare: SMD VS DIP:

4.The cabinet compare: SMD VS DIP:

5. Brightness:

DIP: 6,500 CD/-9000CD

SMD: 6,000 CD/-7500CD

6. Stability:

DIP: Very good

SMD: not Very good


7. Viewing angle

DIP: 120 degree max and vertical 55-60 degree max

SMD: 140 degree max and vertical 120 degree max


8. Technology:

DIP: More difficult,more producing steps

SMD: little easy compared with DIP


9. Show Service

DIP: If one DIP Red or Blue or Green die, others 2 leds are still working. No effect screen working.

SMD: If one SMD Red or Blue or Green die, others 2 leds are NOT still working. Will see whole SMD LED not working.


10. Now, DIP and SMD are mature technology in china, depend on clients. 

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