Design Of Scanning Controller Based On FPGA LED Colorful Display Screen

- Jul 12, 2017-

                 This paper introduces a scanning controller implementation scheme based on FPGA programmable logic device for design platform and full color gray image display with large screen full color LED display. On the theory of 19 scanning grayscale realization principle analysis, for implementation by the method of full color LED display refresh rate restricted by serial shift clock shortcomings, puts forward the implementation of a new type of high order bit by bit of grayscale display lighting control method, in the FPGA circuit design separate counter is used to control the screen refresh rate, make the full color LED display design between L ED luminous efficiency and refresh rate adjustment is more flexible. Finally, according to the design requirements of the full-color LED display screen, the internal circuit of the FPGA screen body scanning controller is presented based on the gray control method discussed in this paper.LED Colorful Display

                 As a kind of large flat-screen display device, LED display has important position in the display area with its long service life, low maintenance cost and low power consumption. Especially in recent years, with red, green, blue three colors and grayscale display, full-color LED display, is concerned with its rich and colorful display effects, as LED display market growth bigger of the two products in recent years. Life, brightness, three colors per unit area of deviation degree, distance, contrast, grey scale (including gray series and linearity), sweep frequency performance indicators is measured or transverse comparison criteria for large display device. And the performance of these indexes depends greatly on the performance of the scanning controller. Therefore, it is of great significance to show the scanning control method for large screen full color L ED.LED Colorful Display

                 Due to the LED luminous intensity is proportional to the scan cycle light-emitting time approximation, so the realization of the grey scale is usually control LED light-emitting time and the ratio of the scan cycle, namely, by adjusting the duty ratios. The full-color LED display is generally used to light up the image of the grayscale image. The "19 scan" principle is used to display the 256 level gray-scale display for the display of LED display with a grey scale of 8 bits. L ED screen display data update generally adopts the serial output method, such as using 595 to carry on the design of static full-color LED display, according to the principle of "scan" 19, for screen resolution determine such as specifications, when determine the serial shift clock display refresh rate and LED the luminous efficiency of (a scan cycle, leds light up the proportion of time longest) were also determined. This paper puts forward a new bit by bit light scanning way, the way for the typical "19 scanning method is improved, can under the condition of serial shift clock to determine, within a certain range to refresh rate adjusted and luminous efficiency, and improve the products according to the practical application environment and the requirements of customers for the design of flexibility.LED Colorful Display

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