Features Of Smart Curtain LED Display

- Mar 13, 2017-

   Front Installation, Pioneer Design

Pioneer design, totally front installation, including all the frame structure and display unit and all other links.

Smart Outdoor Curtain Screen

   Ergonomic Design

Easy stand work, just up-right control, no need to bowing, squatting lifting and so on.


   Quick installation

Free Tool Design mounting and dismounting free of tools. just 10 seconds for per sq


Can be installed at any time from any location, without any training, fool type installation, an average of 200 square meters per day can be installed

smart curtain display


   Fast maintenance

Change the cabinet just takes ten seconds, and changes the strips just takes one minute

Outdoor Curtain LED media facade.jpg


Smart Outdoor Curtain Screen

Pixel Pitch:P6,P7,P15,P16,P20,P30,P30,We can meet the needs of different applications; the products are widely used in outdoor glass surface building(billboard,wall, roof, column display).


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