Find Best Way To Maintain LED Displays Well!

- Nov 18, 2016-

Find best Way to Maintain LED Displays well. PORSTAR has provided some suggestions and ideas for you.


1. Keep enough Dry of our LED display. No matter Outdoor led display or indoor led displays, Becasuse Power on the LED display with humidity that will cause the components corrosion.


2. Keep habit to clean your  LED display. After 5months, there must be lots of dust cover the screen that will impact the viewing effect and also is bad for the electric circuit. So wipe out the dust timely, do it lightly to reduce the harm to the minimum.


3. Check Power cables of each LED cabinets, our POWER Cable will be 5A, after some days, in avoide some cables are weak few, less than 5A, you need make new cables or use spare pars cables instead of them, iF Cables less than 5A, maybe will cause led moduels are color differents.


4. No water or electric conduction things in outdoor LED display screen. Please cut off the power immediately if water is found in the screen or cabinet. Only re-start the LED display after make sure the inner screen panel is dry.


5. Afte you turn off screen, just few seconds, wait all LEDs is not working 5 mins later, than restart again, because after you get off Power, some power will keep in power supply, than few LED will be working, that will be more safe to protect LED and LED Display power supply.


6. For outdoor LED Displays, keep habit to clean LED mask sometimes. make more viewing angle.


7. Indoor LED Display and  outdoor LED display are no different on maintenance and keep ways on some parts. Only wateproof issues


8. If you have any questions on maintenance or installations LED Displays, you can contact with us any time, or add our whats App: 0086-13715003940 or email us directly at

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