How To Protect Your Outdoor LED Display

- Dec 22, 2015-

How to protect your outdoor LED display? Outdoors, environment, air humidity, the weather are a major factor affects of the display. When we install outdoor display, we should take care about its wind, earthquake, carrying capacity, and so the LED display is better to survive in the outdoors, running. Specific maintenance precautions are as follows:

1. Power supply stability, grounding protection is good.

2. In case of thunder, strong typhoons and other weather disasters should be promptly cut off the power, the display until the weather returned to normal after the power is turned on.

3. The internal display is strictly prohibited water, non- combustible material and easy conductive metal objects into the body of the screen in order to avoid a short circuit and fire equipment.

4. Such as the display after the water, cut off the power immediately and contact maintenance personnel, until the screen displays the body panels and dried before use.

5. LED display switching sequence:

On: Turn on the control computer so that it can run properly and then turn the LED display.

Off: Turn off the LED display, and then turn off the computer.

6. LED display with a damp cloth to wipe the surface not directly, you can use alcohol wipe, or use a brush, vacuum cleaner dust.

7. In the rainy season LED screen one week at least once more. Screen at least once a month generally open, lit more than two hours.

8. Regularly check the security of outdoor LED display supporting structure and the stability of the power supply cable is damaged should be promptly treated.

9. Do not arbitrarily force to cut it off and turn on the display do not frequent power supply, to prevent the impact of the surge current. Avoid excessive current wire heating power is too large, LED die is damaged; affect the life of the display. Never attempt to disassemble, stitching Screen!

10. LED display host computer and other related equipment, should be placed in air-conditioning, dust the room , in order to ensure stable operation of the computer and ventilation.

11. LED outdoor display inside the lines, you need professional maintenance.

12. Before the beginning of summer, a year ahead of time to cool the heat should be checked within the device display , such as air conditioners, fans, etc. in order to ensure that the display in the permissible ambient temperature operation.

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