Indoor LED Display

- Aug 27, 2017-


             The LED display is a planar display screen that consists of a light-emitting diode lattice module or pixel unit. It has the advantages of high luminous rate, long service life, flexible configuration, rich color and strong adaptability to indoor and outdoor environment. Therefore, with the continuous improvement of LED manufacturing technology, LED display at home and abroad have been widely used.Indoor LED Display

             LED display is a way to control the semiconductor light-emitting diode display, its approximate appearance is composed of a number of usually red light-emitting diodes, by light extinction to display characters. Display screen for displaying text, graphics, images, animations, quotes, videos, video signals, etc.Indoor LED Display

             The display unit consists of the LED display panel and the display circuit, LED display panel is a 16x64 lattice general intelligent display unit composed of 4 block lattice modules, a single display unit full screen can display 4 16x16 lattice Chinese characters or symbols, the system in each display unit using serial communication connection, so that the whole system work coordinated. The display circuit consists of two 16-pin line ports, two 74h245 tri-state bus drives, a 74hc04d six inverter, two 74h138 eight decoders, and 8 74hc595 shift latches. The core of the control circuit is Winbond 77E58, and the crystal oscillator frequency is 24MHz. AT29C020A is 256K ROM, which is used to store the 16x16 of the Chinese character Library and the ASCII code table of the 16x8 lattice. AT24C020 is a ep2rom based on the $literal serial bus, which stores predefined statements such as the name of the subway site, greeting, and so on. The interior temperature of the vehicle is measured by a single bus digital temperature sensor 18b20. SJA1000 and TJA1040 respectively are can bus controller and transceiver.Indoor LED Display

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