Indoor LED Display In The Domestic Market

- Aug 11, 2017-

      Pre-maintenance LED display is for special circumstances, the installed LED display, can not be maintained from behind the LED display, but only from the front to maintain the structure of the way. The front maintenance LED display has three ways: the conventional way is the magnet installs, the LED Display module or the unit board through the magnet magnetism and the display structure tightly absorbs together, maintains can by the LED Display module or the unit board to take down, may the screen body carry on the maintenance. Box module of the front maintenance, so as to facilitate the removal of LED display, but this installation method will cause the problem of heat dissipation.Indoor LED Display
     The third way is outdoor LED display, in the case of waterproof, positive maintenance. We aim at this situation, the display LED display analysis, to solve this problem, and finally get a breakthrough, our solution is fixed LED module screws from the front of the module lock, the module front has a screw hole, the box behind the need to wear a nut. This approach costs relatively high.Indoor LED Display
      At present, our country has formed a more complete led wafer production, chip preparation, chip packaging and product application industry chain, but the field of LED lighting chip and equipment is mostly dependent on imports. National Semiconductor lighting engineering research and Development and Industrial Union (CSA) survey statistics show that by the end of 2008, China has become the world's third generation of Gan chip production base, but the domestic ratio of LED chip to only 49%, power-type GAN chip only close to 20%. Indoor LED Display
     After: LED electronic display using a low voltage scanning drive, with power consumption, long service life, low cost, high brightness, large viewing angle, visual distance, waterproof, variety of specifications and many other advantages, can meet the needs of a variety of different scenarios, the development prospects are very broad, is recognized as the most growth potential is also the fastest growing led application market. and in the upcoming 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the future of the major sports events and other new needs, will promote the large-scale development of LED display. In addition, the large-scale LED display screen has been installed every 10 will undergo a change, with the improvement of people's living standards, outdoor LED display will gradually apply in various industries.Indoor LED Display

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