Indoor LED Display Installation And Purchase Notes

- Jul 04, 2017-

    Indoor LED Full-color Display has a unique display advantage, which is able to walk indoors from the main reasons. Has more than the traditional display area advantage, has better display advantages than outdoor display, in a variety of large-scale recreational activities are essential, shocking display effect and activities can complement each other, to create a more lively stage scene, water-like screen, comfortable color, to the user the most beautiful experience.Indoor LED Display
    The most critical text, data directly presented, so that viewers more intuitive understanding of the most useful content, is the field of interior display indispensable. Has a very high plasticity, the module splicing is more flexible, the application scope is broader, the single two colors display content, the more prominent focus, in the specific indoor display domain has the unshakable position. The installation environment is our choice LED display first consideration factor. Our LED display is installed in the hall, or installed in the conference room, or installed on the stage, is a fixed installation, or need to move the installation.Indoor LED Display
    What is the nearest viewing distance, is that we are generally standing on the screen a few meters away from watching. Like our P2.5 the best viewing distance in 2.5 meters thought, P3 the best viewing distance in 3 meters, as the name implies, p behind the number in addition to our LED display model, also represents our best viewing distance. So in the selection of indoor LED display model, probably recently watch distance must be estimated, so that we choose a good model. The size of the screen, with our LED display to buy the same relationship. LED display screen size is also one of the important factors affecting the price of LED display. In general, if the indoor LED display does not exceed 20 square meters, we generally recommend using the bracket form, if more than, we recommend a simple box. Also, if the screen area is larger, it is usually possible to make up for the defects of our nearest viewing distance through the screen area, but it is best not to make up for it in this way. Indoor LED Display main P2.5, P3, P4, P5, P6 Full-color LED display. This is mainly according to the LED display point spacing to classify, P2.5 is the distance between two pixels is 2.5mm, P3 is 3mm and so on. So the point spacing is different, we each square metre pixel point is different, thus our clarity is different. The smaller the point density, the more the pixel point, the higher the clarity.Indoor LED Display

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