Indoor P4mm Flexible LED Module For Smallest LED Circle Screen.

- Apr 26, 2017-

Item: P4mm Indoor Flexible led Module with Cylinder Design type

Place: India

Detail of led display:

  1. P4mm Indoor Cylinder LED Display


  3. Smallest Cyliner led display, and each Cylinder LED Display size: Diameter 0.85M and height 2.5M.

  4. Front Service Soft LED Module, Module size: 256mm x 128mm

  5. LED Pitch: P2.5mm/P3mm/P4mm/P6mm and P10mm provided

  6. Design Types: Circle,Cylinder,Ball,Half Circle,Curved and others should be customized by Client.

  7. IMG_2810.JPGIMG_2867.JPG

  8. IMG_2868.JPGIMG_2827.JPG

  9. IMG_2851.JPG

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