Introduction Of The Protection End Of Indoor LED Display

- Oct 30, 2017-

Usage Environment: LED display is divided into indoor LED display and outdoor LED display by using environment. Display color: LED display color is divided into a base color LED display (including pseudo color LED display), dual-color LED display and full-color (three-color) LED display.Indoor LED Display 

According to gray level can be divided into 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 levels of gray LED display. Display performance: LED display according to display performance is divided into text LED display, Teletext LED display, computer video LED display, TV video LED display and market LED display. Market LED display generally include securities, interest rates, futures and other uses of LED display.Indoor LED Display

LED Display Protection Earthing terminal. Safety mark: ① Display protection earthing terminal should mark; ②led display should have warning sign in fuse and switch power supply. On floor drain Current: Led display on the floor drain current should not exceed 3.5mA (AC valid value). Anti-electric strength: LED display can be 50HZ, 1500V (AC effective value) of the test voltage 1 min should not occur insulation breakdown.Indoor LED Display

LED display and graphics and text LED display should have in the detailed specification of the moving out mode and display mode. Computer video LED display should have: animation function. The requirements of the LED display animation display and the computer display correspond to the area; text display function. Require text to display stable, clear crosstalk; Requires a level of grayscale specified in the detailed specification. TV Video LED display in addition to animation, text display, gray function, should be able to show television, video footage. Market LED display with its corresponding market display capabilities.Indoor LED Display

Full color display: Red, green, blue three primary colors, 256 levels of gray color display can display more than 16 million kinds of color. LED Digital display: Display device for 7-piece Code digital tube, suitable for the production of clock screen, interest rate screen and so on, display digital electronic display. The basic unit of the outdoor screen glow is the luminous tube, and the principle of the luminous tube is that a group of red, green and blue light-emitting diodes are sealed in a plastic cylinder to enhance the brightness.Indoor LED Display

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