LED Colorful Display Industry Development Trend

- Sep 05, 2017-

    LED display technology from the the early 1980s monochrome display, to the end of the 80 dual-color display, to the middle of the 90 's three-color (full-color) display, until today we are widely discussed in the field of flat-panel display of multiple base (greater than three primary color) processing technology.LED Colorful Display

    The chroma processing technology of LED display screen selects from the most basic base color wavelength, to the white-field color color adjustment, and then to the progressive color reduction of colour space conversion processing and to improve the quality of the chroma uniformity processing, until today we to expand the color gamut to reproduce more of the natural color of the multiple base (greater than three primary colors) processing. All kinds of chroma processing technology runs through the history of LED display, and become one of the most core technologies in the integrated subject of LED display.LED Colorful Display

    LED display in all walks of life has a very wide range of applications, and in different application place to the LED's base wavelength has different requirements, for the LED color wavelength selection some is to achieve good visual effect, some are to conform to people's habits, and some are industry standards, national standards and even international standards. For example, the selection of the wavelength of green nanotube-based in full color LED display; Early everyone generally choose the wavelength of 570nm yellow green LED, although the cost is lower, but the display color gamut, color reduction, low brightness.LED Colorful Display

    And in the selection of the wavelength of 525nm pure green tube, the display color gamut expanded nearly one times, and the color reduction degree greatly improved, greatly improving the visual effect of the display. For example, in the securities market display, people are accustomed to using red to indicate the rise in stock prices, the use of green to indicate that the share price fell, and yellow to indicate flat plate. In the transport industry is the national standard strictly defined by the blue-green band to express, red band for the prohibited line. Therefore, the choice of the wavelength of the base color is one of the important links of LED display.LED Colorful Display

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