LED Colorful Display Life Trends

- Jun 20, 2017-

    Speaking of LED display, usually our concept is only a relatively large heavy screen, hanging on the wall or embedded advertising machine, used to play video, advertising. But with the creativity, the depth of the concept of personality and technology continues to progress, and now LED display has been unknowingly exposed to people's daily life into the signs. This kind of "black science and technology" posture appears "niche" show demand, whether it will become the norm of the future? And "life" of the application, whether to grow into the LED display industry, new growth points and mature sub-areas? The next strong giant color to tell you why the LED display "life" application trend is more clear.LED Colorful Display

    From the runway to the mobile phone, LED display gradually "invade" daily life, recently, a sports brand in Manila, the Philippines built a stadium, with 10 million LED running screen built a 200-meter LED display runway, overlooking , The runway was the shape of shoes, colorful. Allegedly, as long as the installation of sensors on the shoes, LED screen will appear on a virtual "opponent" and runners race to stimulate people's athletic sports spirit. Coincidentally, an American company designed a "LED shoes", loaded with a curved LED screen above, the user can change the screen display at any time, and even through the wireless transmission and mobile phone connection, so that shoes show their favorite video , Can be described as full of personality. In addition, the media reported that a well-known domestic mobile phone brand new products, but also in the back of the installation of LED small screen, used to display power, time, signal strength and other basic information. LED Colorful Display

   In addition, the primary key is also integrated LED lights, the formation of micro-LED display, you can display simple patterns and text to remind users of new messages. In addition to these, all kinds of creative companies, designers are open, luggage, intelligent trash, plate, the wall can be equipped with all the internal LED display, and even bike wheels are also added to the LED device, can display a variety of patterns The We can easily imagine that when some of the daily necessities and LED display combination, people no longer tangled to pick any color or pattern, and even can always change their favorite patterns, so that life becomes more interesting.LED Colorful Display

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