LED Screen Aging In PORSTAR

- Apr 01, 2019-

LED screen aging in PORSTAR


LED screen aging is divided into white light aging (4 hours) and video aging (48 hours).

1. Aging test flow of led (light-emitting diode) display screen

(1) Check that the installation of the cabinet and  module is correct

(2) Check whether there is a short circuit or a mixed connection in the electrical circuit

(3) Check whether the module is installed or not, whether the joint is in order or not, and whether the appearance is in good condition or not.

(4) Lighting Aging using an on-line Control system

(5) Test time continuously lit for more than 72 hours

(6) After the index test and aging test are correct, please check the parameter index by the quality inspection group


2. Matters needing attention in aging test of led display screen

(1) Test content: White screen, red, green, blue monochrome, grayscale gradient, video effect, text effect

(2) Led screen white screen test time not less than 24 hours

(3) Single color, gray scale gradient test not less than 24 hours

(4) Video, text effect test not less than 24 hours

(5) Led screen aging test must be on-site, find the problem reported to the Engineering Manager for processing.


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