Market Change---Small Pitch LED Display Is Instead By Big Pitch Strip LED Displays During 2016

- May 05, 2016-

During past 3years, Small pitch LED Display has growing up very fast from 2013-2016, In china led display indutrial, almost 80% factories are desigining small pitch LED Displays, small pitch from P1.5mm, P1.6mm P1.8mm P1.9mm,P2.0mm,P2.5mm,P3mm et.But after testing by international markets,we have summarizied some feedback from clients:

  1. Cost is much more higher. most of clients will not afford some much higher cost for one project.

  2. Application area,most of small pitch led display is used in Government project,Traffic system,and Top meeting center and special HOTEL etc.

  3. After Service, becaus of smallest pitch LED, SMD1010 or SMD1515,very hard to fix and maintenance.And these pitch led modules have no LED Marks,cause more easy to crash LEDs when install screen.

Now,after 2015, from China markets, we got more and more inquiries feedback from clients, more and more clients focus on advertising on facade, on wall, or whole building, such as Big pitch Curtain LED Display,Big Pitch strip LED Displays, Transparent LED Display etc.

Following is our main focus hot products:

  1. P15.626mm outdoor Strip Curtain LED Displays

  2. P31.25mm outdoor Strip Curtain LED Display

  3. P25mm-40mm outdoor Strip Curtain LED Display

  4. P40mm outdoor Strip Curtain LED Display

  5. P50mm outdoor Strip Curtain LED Display

  6. P62.5mm outdoor Strip Curtain LED Display

  7. P100mm outdoor Strip Curtain LED Display

NEW Products: Top HOT

  1. Transparent LED Display

  2. Glass LED Displays

So 2016, Strip curtain led displays and Transparent LED Display is more hotter than small pitch, and sales amount of small pitch is reducing too much, more and more factories forgot this markets and focus on future hot TRANSPARANT LED DISPLAY,BIG PITCH STRIP LED DISPLAY.

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