P10mm DIP Outdoor Advertising LED Display Showed In International ARENA Shopping Mall

- Dec 02, 2016-

PORSTAR has supported ANERA Shopping mall by LED Display more than 3years, and during these years, we provided many indoor led displays and outdoor led displays for whole Shopping malls.Here we list some indoor and outdoor Projects details in below


  1. 1. P7.625mm INDOOR LED Display 25SQM, Installed in 2013

  2. 2. P8mm Indoor LED Screen 16.8SQM,Installed in 2013

  3. 3. P6mm indoor LED Video wall for Cinema 25.5SQM. installed in 2014

  4. 4. P8mm Standing LED Advertising Player 110" 5PCS, Installed 2014

  5. 5. P10mm outdoor LED Displays Banner 165SQM,Installed 2014

  6. 6. P10mm outdoor led displays 142SQM,installed 2015

  7. 7. P16mm Front service LED Display 65SQM, Installed 2015

  8. 8. P2.5mm Indoor LED display 16.85SQM, Installed 2016

  9. 9. P4mm indoor LED Modules for GALINA Shops 60SQM, Installed 2016



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