P15.625mm LED Media Facade Display Is Installed In Qatar

- Dec 23, 2016-

PORSTAR has spent more than 4years to design CHINA-TOP slim advertising LED Displays,And now our slim Stirp Advertising LED Display replaced Tranditional outdoor advertising led displays, It can meet more functions than normal outdoor advertising LED Display, also can save more cost on clients.

During markets Accepted, we have exported many to some countries,Such as Israel, Dubai,Qatar,Korea, Japan,Spain,Chile,Tukumanisan etc. And more and more clients will take it ,replaced normal Outdoor LED Display.

Recently Successful Project:

P15.625mm Outdoor Strip Media facade LED Displays

Installation Place:Doha,Qatar

Projection Details:

  1. P15.625mm DIP 349 Outdoor Media facade led display

  2. Size: 8M X 4M, screen with 64pcs Top Slim Cabinet 500mm x 1000mm

  3. EPISTAR RGB Chips,Brightness more than 7500CD/sqm

  4. IP68 wateproof Level,can be deep cabinet into water

  5. Fire Proof, take anti-fire Aluminum Material

  6. Front /Back Service LED Cabinets,only 9kg/cabinet.

  7. Transparent rate more than 45%, protect Big wind and sad,

  8. Special Power suply deisgn with CE,ROHS,FCC,UL, it  can be working from 96V-264V Automatic.

  9. Power&Signal Cables together, more safe and stable.

We have provided complete Outdoor Series.Such as P7.8mm/ P15.625mm/ P25mm/P31.25mm/P50mm/P62.5mm/ P100mm. etc. To know more about our LED Media Facade LED Display, please visit us directly at http://www.ledporstar.com/led-media-facade/

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