P2.5mm Indoor Poster Led Display

- Mar 22, 2019-


more and more clients like this products.

and the p2.5mm indoor poster led display have more and more advantage.

1. thin and light panel, front maintenance,exterior high-end atmosphere, fashionable flexible and changing installation, it can meet the installation requirements of multiple application scenarios.

2. The operation is simple and convenient, the advertisement is plug-and play, and the smart remote monitoring and management of the mobile phone APP can be used so that everything is under control.

3. In the static state, the requirements for color and sharpness are more pronounced than those for dynamic video. The viewer is more meticulous in the stationary state, and has a superb place in dealing with close-rank ink and ripples.

4. Stability, allows controlled static pictures beat at a few seconds, don’t appear to be fast t slow phenomenon. There are also stability in control management systems and information distribution.

the installation:

2 type you can chioce: floor stand type and support type.


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