Quality Factors And Future Development Trend Of LED Indoor Display

- Aug 14, 2017-

              LED indoor display of huge market potential, with the introduction of industry standards, as well as the company's attention to product quality, will inevitably appear more high-quality, High-definition led indoor display, gradually replace the original low quality, low technology products. High-end LED indoor display will become the future of LED enterprises core products.Indoor LED Display

              LED lamp beads As the use of time increases, the brightness will slowly decay. LED lamp bead brightness attenuation speed and LED chip, auxiliary materials, packaging process has a certain relationship. LED lamp beads in the red, green, blue chip attenuation uniformity of the LED indoor display in the future white balance of great impact, and then affect the LED indoor display fidelity.

              LED light bead brightness determines the brightness of the LED interior screen, LED lamp bead brightness, the greater the use of current surplus, to save power consumption, keep LED light bead stability is good. LED lamp bead has different angle value, in the chip brightness already fixed condition, the angle is smaller, the LED lamp bead is brighter, the display angle of view is smaller. Generally should choose the brightness 100°-110° LED lamp bead to guarantee the LED screen enough angle of view.Indoor LED Display

             LED display is made up of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of of LED light beads, led beads of the loss of efficiency even if aging 72 hours will not be higher than one out of 10,000.Indoor LED Display

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