Rental LED Display On The Application Of Traffic

- Oct 19, 2017-

With the development of LED technology, LED display to highlight the advantages of a flat panel display of mainstream products in the financial, transportation, sports, advertising and other widely used. With the accelerated process of social information, LED display in the field of information display applications will be more broad. In the vast LED display of the 'view' sector, each area is an important market segments, each market has a market segment difficult or force point.Rental LED Display

The airport is an accurate and complex public place, with the help of LED digital signage system, for some conventional guidance of the information, the user can use the information to guide the system, easy access through the touch query, not only for the user to save a lot of time for the airport savings Manpower to reduce costs. The combination of new technology, intelligent LED digital signage system will bring consumers more cost-effective information display. In the long run, the potential of the aviation industry is still very attractive.Rental LED Display Road traffic information display. In the field of urban transportation and expressway, the development of intelligent transportation system (ITS) has promoted the wide application of LED display as variable information board and speed limit mark. Traffic guidance information for public release, real-time, accuracy and reliability requirements are higher. In order to ensure traffic stability and reliability of LED display work in the display control system, software.Rental LED Display 

LED pixel tube, integrated circuit selection and quality requirements should be stable and reliable. At the same time, traffic-induced LED display generally work in the network environment, the public information release, the security also has a higher demand. In addition, the traffic induced outdoor LED display system should also consider the placement, display type, technical parameters, system control, product structure, supporting projects and other factors.Rental LED Display

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