Rental LED Display To Explain The Characteristics Of LED And Traffic Applications

- Jul 04, 2017-

    LED, light-emitting diode (light Emitting Diode abbreviation). It is a way of controlling the display of a semiconductor light-emitting diode, diodes made of gallium (GA) and compounds of arsenic (as), phosphorus (p), nitrogen (N), Indium (in) can be used to make light-emitting diodes when electrons are combined with holes to emit visible light. In the circuit and instrument as the indicator light, or composed of text or digital display. Gallium phosphide GaAs Diode glows red, the gallium phosphide diodes are green, the silicon carbide diode is yellow, the indium gallium nitrogen diode is blue.Rental LED Display
     Regardless of the use of LED production monochrome, two-color or three-color screen, to show the image needs to form a pixel of each led luminous brightness must be able to adjust, its fine degree of adjustment is the display of gray level. The higher the gray level, the more exquisite the image, the richer the color, the more complex the corresponding display control system. General 256 level gray image, color transition has been very soft, and 16 levels of gray color image, color transition line is very obvious. Therefore, color LED screen is currently required to make 256 to 4,096 levels of gray.Rental LED Display
    Because of the continuous development of LED display technology, LED display equipment products in the field of intelligent traffic information display a very wide range of applications, has become the modern traffic information display mainstream mode. In the field of intelligent traffic information display, it is required that the corresponding traffic information display equipment can be released according to the requirements of road traffic management and the real-time traffic guidance information to display the current actual road traffic information in the application of LED display technology, the public-oriented road traffic information release display is one of the important application fields In the way of public-oriented traffic-induced information publishing, the more common display information in daily life is road traffic inducing screen, urban traffic inducing display, parking-induced screen and road variable information sign. These different traffic guidance information dissemination methods, according to the relevant traffic road management requirements and the actual situation of road traffic information real-time display.Rental LED Display

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