Software Design Of Transparent LED Display

- Aug 27, 2017-

              The system software consists of host Computer Management software and unit controller control software. Host Computer Management software is on the Windows22000 operating platform, using C++BUILD6.0 developed, including display mode selection (including static, flashing, scrolling, typing, etc.), scrolling direction selection (including up and down scrolling and scrolling), Dynamic display speed adjustment (that is, text flashing frequency, scrolling speed, typing speed, etc.), display content input and display preview.Transparent LED Display

             When the system is running, the system can not only display the stops, advertisements and other characters according to preset, but also input the required display characters manually. The Unit controller control software uses 8051 Keil programming, solidified in the MCU 77E58 EEPROM, mainly completes the upper and lower level machine communication, the temperature and the humidity data acquisition, the I/O interface control and so on function. In the actual operation, the temperature measurement accuracy reached ± 0.5 ℃, humidity measurement accuracy reached ±2%rh.Transparent LED Display

             As a mature and inexpensive bus, 485 bus has irreplaceable position in the field of industry and traffic, so we designed 485 bus expansion module, which can replace the original can module for external communication. This module uses the Photoelectric isolation type mxl1535e of Maxim Company as 485 transceiver, in order to ensure the compatibility of control, mxl1535e and SJA1000 are selected through P3.0. In addition, the RS2485 side and the controller or the control logic side through the transformer to provide 2500VRMS electrical isolation, in the module output part of the TVs diode circuit to reduce the line surge interference, also can use the jumper to determine whether to load the bus terminal resistance.Transparent LED Display

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