Technical Features And Precautions For Rental LED Display

- Sep 25, 2017-

     High temperature will cause the failure probability of electronic components to increase rapidly, which leads to the decline of the reliability of LED display. In order to control the internal electronic components of LED display temperature, so that the LED display in the working environment, not exceeding the specified maximum allowable temperature, the need for the LED display of the thermal design.Rental LED Display

     Heat absorbed by the warm zone. There are three basic ways of heat transfer: Heat conduction, convection and radiation. Heat conduction: Gas conduction is the result of collisions between irregular motions of gas molecules. The heat conduction in a metal conductor is mainly done by the movement of free electrons. The heat conduction in a non conductive solid is achieved by the vibration of the lattice structure. Rental LED Display

     The mechanism of heat conduction in liquids depends mainly on the action of elastic waves. Radiation: The process by which an object transmits its ability in the form of electromagnetic waves is called thermal radiation. Radiant energy is transmitted in a vacuum, and there is a conversion of energy in the form of heat energy converted to radiant energy and radiant energy into heat.Rental LED Display

    When choosing heat dissipation mode, consider the following factors: The heat flux density, volume power density, total power consumption, surface area, volume, working environment (temperature, humidity, air pressure, dust, etc.) of LED display. Rental LED Display

     According to the mechanism of heat transfer, there are natural cooling, forced air cooling, direct liquid cooling, evaporative cooling, thermoelectric refrigeration, heat pipes and other heat dissipation methods. Natural cooling of the heat dissipation effect is relatively small, evaporation cooling effect is relatively large. The body sweats and cools, using evaporative cooling methods.Rental LED Display

   From the practical application, we know that the current LED display internal heating more, more heat of the electronic components: LED, driver IC, switching power supply. Therefore, the need for the LED display for thermal design, between the heat source and the external environment to provide a low heat barrier pathway, to ensure the smooth transfer of thermal.Rental LED Display

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