Technical Requirements Of LED Colorful Display

- Sep 14, 2017-

      Full-color LED Display-Full-color LED Display screen maintenance method. Full color LED display screen failure how to solve it? Full-color LED Screen flower screen can not display a variety of reasons, here on the Full-color LED display screen after the lighting how to repair the screen to do a summary. The new screen installed on the screen, if the new screen installed on the power on the flower, it may be the control card settings scan, or the line is not inserted (check from the control card to the first board line), 5V power supply error will also occur this problem.LED Colorful Display

     Use a period of time after the flower screen, if the use of a period of time after the sudden discovery of this phenomenon, in addition to the control card failure, the biggest possibility is the board into the water to burn the chip or power. There are also can try a DVI interface of the display first, see the video card DVI output signal is normal. General Spirit Star Rain Card Words DVI interface resolution is $number. The cause of the LED display screen may also be the problem of the graphics card, or the driver problem. Try to unplug the receiving card on the back of the screen and click on the Debug button on the receiving card to see if the screen scan is normal.LED Colorful Display

     LED display screen can not display the solution: check whether the electronic display power is normal, whether there is a 220V strong input, LED electronic display display is not normal, flower screen. Solution: 2.1LED control card parameter setting is correct, there is no signal transmission to the electronic display led control card, communication line is normal, check whether the LED control card input; LED control Card 5V power supply is normal.LED Colorful Display

    Solution: Check the fan operation is normal, to fan refueling, cleaning the chassis dust, solve the problem of heat dissipation after the failure can be excluded. The IC301 (LM1203)-centered red-green-blue (RGB) three-channel broadband amplifier is specifically designed for display, which contains a three-way output black level clamp comparator. The color display adapter (display card) on the microcomputer is connected with the P301 socket on the monitor through a 15-pin plug. R, G, b three-color signal from IC301 three-legged input, and then by the IC301 of the three-pin output, after amplification to color display cathode ray tube (CRT) to control the electronic flow of three-color electronic gun.LED Colorful Display

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