The Difference Between An Indoor Led Display And An Outdoor Led Full Screen

- Jul 12, 2017-

                 There are many kinds of LED display screens, which can be divided into indoor LED display and outdoor LED display. Indoor LED display is very different from outdoor LED display.Indoor LED Display

                 First, the brightness is different, and indoor LED displays are several times as bright as those of outdoor LED displays. Putting an indoor LED screen outside is as bright as putting your TV in the outside. As a result, outdoor LED displays must be ultra-bright LED, and in order to increase the brightness and increase the visibility distance, it is often necessary to encapsulate many ultra-bright leds in a pixel.

                Secondly, outdoor LED screens should be protected against (rain) water, direct sunlight, dustproof, high temperature, anti-wind, lightning protection, etc. Indoor LED screens need not consider these problems.Indoor LED Display

                Table stick refers to the encapsulated light-emitting tube directly welded on the circuit board, it has good heat resistance and color uniformity, because it is directly welded on the circuit board, so you can directly on the front of LED full-color display maintenance, greatly reduce the maintenance cost and difficulty; The subtable is a bioluminescent tube that encapsulates the growth square and then puts three tubes together to make a single pixel point and a module, which is also known as a solid pixel. In terms of these two kinds of display, the table of the effect will be more close to the effect of a flat-screen television, and the table to stick color will be relatively less, but the price will be much cheaper, because two years ago, only module full-color LED display screen and table full color LED display screen, and the table of full color price is surprisingly high, the module of full-color result is bad and the maintenance cost is very big, so the table of full color should be the market gap. It is believed that the cost of chip processing will be reduced gradually in the near future, and the sub-table stickers will exit the market.Indoor LED Display

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