The Effect Of LED Colorful Display

- Jul 04, 2017-

    LED Full-color display of the role: 1, up to the merchandise publicity, to attract the role of customers. 2, plays the storefront decoration, enhances the enterprise grade the function. 3, lighting, unconventional role. 4, play the role of universal knowledge. (Can be used to play enterprise products small information, related industry knowledge) 5, play the role of bulletin board. (Promotion, recruitment information release) 6, play the role of atmosphere. Through the display screen can play a superior leader and a variety of VIP visit, guide the Welcome word, a variety of major festivals, such as the celebration Word.LED Colorful Display
   Because the LED display is a professional and relatively strong products, non-professional customers generally do not judge the basic knowledge of the product, so, first of all, we need to establish a recognized standards. LED display such a large-scale information display terminal, its basic function is the information source information, a comprehensive and faithful display to the target audience, which includes static images, text, dynamic video and even audio. Therefore, this standard is simply said to be "looking good", the thing to show people, it must be that people have seen good. This omission of many professional terminology, but also help to close the distance with customers, to achieve the basic standard consensus. In the early use of LED display, generally should be able to ensure the consistency of color. With the use of the LED tube attenuation, due to the semiconductor devices themselves and the individual differences, as well as led production technology differences, resulting in each led tube attenuation curve is different, resulting in the increase in the use of time, the display color consistency is getting worse.LED Colorful Display
    LED Full-color display: LED is light Emitting Diode, light-emitting diode of the English abbreviation, referred to as LED. It is a way to control the RGB semiconductor light-emitting diode display, the approximate appearance is composed of a number of RGB three-color light-emitting diodes, each pixel combination has an RGB diode, depending on each set of pixel lights to display the color of the full-color screen. Display screen for displaying text, graphics, images, animations, quotes, video, video signals, etc.LED Colorful Display

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