The Future Of Transparent LED Display

- Jul 12, 2017-

                  AMOLED light principle is to use ITO transparent electrode and metal electrode as components of anode and cathode respectively, to a certain voltage, driven by electrons and holes injected from the cathode and anode respectively to meet electron and hole transport layer. Therefore, the material of ITO electrode becomes the key of transparent panel. The screen should be a breakthrough in electrode material. Therefore, the current effect can be achieved.Transparent LED Display

                  What is the use of a transparent screen? At present, the transparent screen is not bright in the consumption level field, it is mainly used in the business market. This is because transparent display can be realized, but cost is very high, ordinary consumer is difficult to accept; Second, transparency shows that it is difficult to be clear about the application experience that is brought to the average user. We can imagine that, after the screen of a laptop or TV becomes transparent, there doesn't seem to be a real use, except for the occasional surprise.Transparent LED Display

                 What are the prospects for a transparent display screen in business? Today we're going to look at the three future possibilities of transparency. The watch bracelet and other sales, the demand for product display effect is very high, especially some luxury brands, the image requirement of the retail store is stricter. It is very appropriate to use a transparent screen on such occasions. Users can also see the corresponding information on the screen while viewing the jewelry. Thus, the product cognition is clearer.Transparent LED Display

                 And these luxury brands, for the value of its own brand and publicity of the story is also very value, if the user at the time of purchase products, can receive this information, nature is like to see the results of the brand. And if there is no user-preferred style, users can use virtual images to try out the products they want. It is convenient for the brand to enter the pictures of all products into the system so that within the retail store, consumers can see the images of each product. Just put your hands behind the transparent screen.

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