The Installation Mode And Technical Parameters Of LED Colorful Display

- Oct 10, 2017-

Inlay installation: Suitable for small size indoor screen. Because of the small installation space, in order not to occupy space, according to the size of the screen area on the wall to dig the same size area, the LED display embedded in the wall. The wall body is required to be a solid wall. The use of the former maintenance method, the cost is higher. LED Colorful Display Hanging installation: More suitable for station LED electronic display, airport LED electronic display and other large venues to play the role of signs. Requires a smaller screen size. (10 square meters below) requirements must have a suitable place to install, such as the above has a beam or over the beam, and the screen body in general to add the back cover.LED Colorful Display

Roof-mounted: mainly applicable to outdoor advertising led electronic display, the installation site is mainly the roof of the building, with the increase in the height of the building to consider the level of wind will also increase. Other matters needing attention: check whether the wiring is correct, including, the connection of the strong electricity part (the weak part already in the production Enterprise Test completes), the signal connection is correct, mainly for the system receives the card input and the output direction is correct, receives the card to have the direction to indicate. is the system connection correct (please refer to the System connection instructions) the Computer Software section completes the installation, including the video card settings (please refer to the video card setup instructions) and the control software installation.LED Colorful Display Full color LED display screen failure how to solve it? Full-color LED Screen flower screen can not display a variety of reasons, here on the Full-color LED display screen after the lighting how to repair the screen to do a summary. If the use of a period of time after the sudden discovery of this phenomenon, in addition to the control card failure, the biggest possibility is the board into the water to burn the chip or power. There are also can try a DVI interface of the display first, see the video card DVI output signal is normal. General Spirit Star Rain Card Words DVI interface resolution is $number. The cause of the LED display screen may also be the problem of the graphics card, or the driver problem. Try to unplug the receiving card on the back of the screen and click on the Debug button on the receiving card to see if the screen scan is normal.LED Colorful Display

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