The Use Of Transparent LED Display

- Sep 05, 2017-

    In the daily enjoyment of LCD that different high-end display effect, do not forget to maintain this extremely important link. LCD only good maintenance, in order to be able to long-term failure to serve the user. If you already have an LCD or Flat panel display, here are some tips that are very useful to you. It should be clear that the expensive LCD, as long as the following a few simple maintenance steps, can be loyal to long service, in the LCD, the only gradually consumed part is the display background lights.Transparent LED Display

    Long-term use, will find that the screen becomes dim or simply not lit, in both cases, as long as the replacement of background lights can bring the LCD back to life, become the same as new. Remember, CRT displays can burn out for a long period of time, as well as for LCDs. So be sure to keep in mind that if you don't use it, be sure to turn off the display, or reduce the display brightness, or the time is long, it will cause internal burnout or aging.

   If this damage occurs, it is permanent and irreversible. So be sure to attract enough attention. In addition, if the continuous display of a fixed content for a long time, it is possible to cause some LCD pixels overheating, resulting in internal burnout.Transparent LED Display

   Please turn off the monitor when you are okay. Often changing the display on the screen at different intervals (such as running a screen saver) all users who have been damaged by the keyboard since they spilled the drink on the keyboard are aware of this common sense. Do not let anything with a moisture property enter the LCD. When you find a mist, gently wipe it with a soft cloth before powering it on. If the wet part has already entered the LCD, the LCD must be placed in a warmer and drier place to evaporate the moisture and organic matter. With the humidity of the LCD power, can lead to corrosion of liquid crystal electrode, resulting in permanent damage.Transparent LED Display

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