Transparent LED Display Maintenance Coup

- Jun 20, 2017-

    The domestic large-screen shopping malls after more than 10 years of inspection and accumulation still maintained a sensitive development trend, in the large-screen shopping malls on the PDP, DLP, LCD splicing three stitching technology occupies the mainstream shopping malls; LCD splicing technology is the PDP, DLP splicing technology The future of the new technology, but by virtue of other bright display screen does not have the high-definition, high brightness, high contrast, high color saturation and a series of high-quality display advantage by the user's height like, Transparent display is widely used in security, entertainment, advertising and many other areas of work.Transparent LED Display   As the LCD splicing screen is 365 days × 24 hours after another use, improper use will directly affect their longevity and function. Therefore, the user in the course of the application can be some simple and convenient maintenance operations to extend the number of life, to ensure its function. In the usual use of the process to pay attention to ensure the use of environmental cleaning degree, try to cut dust, oil and other large screen into the screen can also use a dedicated screen cleaning liquid, finishing the screen to ensure its colorful, clear images. Indoor temperature is also time to pay attention, the proposed temperature between 25 degrees 26 degrees, you can air conditioning in the indoor equipment, LCD screen to ensure full use of the temperature. The following is the LCD splicing screen simple maintenance methods:Transparent LED Display  Huaping handle the first move: check the LCD splicing screen and graphics card connection is not loose. Poor contact will lead to "clutter", "miscellaneous point" shaped Huaping is the most common appearance. The second trick: check the graphics card is not overclocking. If the graphics card overclocking use, generally there will be irregular, continuous stripes. At this time, should be appropriate to reduce the overclocking rugged. Be careful, first to reduce the memory frequency. The third measure: check the quality of the video card. If the replacement of the graphics card after the Huaping doubt, and in the use of the top, two strokes failed to work, you should check the graphics card anti-electromagnetic annoyance and electromagnetic shielding quality is not clearance. The specific method is: some of the electromagnetic annoying parts as far as possible away from the graphics device (such as hard disk), look at Huaping is not seen. If it is determined that the graphics card electromagnetic shielding function, but should replace the graphics card, or self-denial shield. The fourth trick: check the LCD splicing screen resolution or refresh rate is not set too high. LCD splicing screen resolution is generally lower than the CRT monitor, if the best resolution recommended by the manufacturers, there may be Huaping appearance. Fifth strokes: check the device is not compatible with the graphics card driver. This situation is generally overlooked, because the graphics driver update faster and faster (especially NVIDIA graphics card), some users are always imminent equipment, the latest version of the other driver. In fact, the transparent display of some of the latest driver is either a test version, or on a particular graphics card or game optimization version of the use of such a driver may sometimes cause the emergence of Huaping. Therefore, we recommend as far as possible through the use of Microsoft certified drivers, the best use of graphics card manufacturers supply driver. Sixth strokes: If the use of the above five strokes, still can not handle the question, there may be interlocking LCD screen quality question. In this case, replace the other display with a transparent display.Transparent LED Display

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