Transparent LED Display With You To Understand The Display Industry

- Oct 19, 2017-

With the development of China's LED display industry continues to increase in the streets of the major cities of the LED large screen display slowly up, and people's consumption level is growing, LED lighting has been gradually applied to the daily life of the family, LED electronic display Screen not only enhance the image of the city, LED is also rich in people's cultural life, in this regard can reflect the LED industry's development speed is so fast Transparent LED Display

While we enjoy the economic benefits of LED electronic screen at the same time, some have LED electronic display business did not fully understand the LED electronic screen operation and the use of precautions to lead to shorten the life of LED electronic display. In this, the company senior Professional to our analysis of LED electronic display operation and the use of precautions to ensure that the LED display system security, normal operation!Transparent LED Display Switch screen time interval is greater than 5 minutes. After the computer enters the engineering control software, can only open the screen power. To avoid opening the screen in the full white screen, because the system at this time the maximum impact current. To avoid opening in the runaway state, because the system at this time the maximum impact current. The computer does not enter the control software and other programs; the computer is not powered; control part of the power is not open. Ambient temperature is too high or poor heat conditions, led lighting should be careful not to open a long time screen. Electronic display part of a line is very bright, should pay attention to timely off the screen, in this state should not be a long time to open the screen.Transparent LED Display

Often appear on the display power switch trip, should promptly check the screen or replace the power switch. Regularly check the firmness of the hook. If there is loosening, pay attention to timely adjustment, re-reinforcement or update hanging pieces. According to the large screen display screen body, control part of the environmental conditions, to avoid bites, if necessary, should be placed anti-rat poison Transparent LED Display

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