What Are The Common Rental LED Display Box

- Aug 14, 2017-

               Many people think that the LED display and LCD flat-screen TV, is composed of a single panel, in fact, the LED display is composed of the unit plate mosaic. Just imagine if a hundreds of-square-meter screen is a single structure, it's a hassle in transport alone. and the box for easy transportation, easy installation and disassembly, easy to maintain. So what are the main LED display boxes in the market?Rental LED Display

               Die-casting aluminum box light weight, reasonable structure, high precision, the basic seamless splicing can be achieved. The latest die-casting aluminum display is not only a simple upgrade of the traditional display box, from the structure, performance aspects of the overall optimization of the update, is the use of the patent production of compact indoor rental display, box stitching high precision, disassembly, maintenance is extremely convenient.Rental LED Display

               Die-casting aluminum LED display with a mold, the box flatness is more secure, the tolerance range of effective control, the basic solution to the problem of box stitching; humanized design, more convenient installation, more lightweight, box stitching and connecting wire connection more reliable, the quality of light, the use of hoisting structure, installation more convenient, more solid, the use of imported power connectors, connections, security more reliable; the signal and power connection between the enclosure is concealed, and the traces of any connecting lines are not visible after installation. At present, the joint prudential hair die-casting aluminum box has been classified as indoor and outdoor, leasing and so on.Rental LED Display

               Carbon fiber box design ultra-thin, light quality, good strength, tensile force has 1500kg, per square meter weight of only 9.4kg. The use of a fully modular design, maintenance more convenient, 45-degree right angle can be achieved 90 degree splicing installation. At the same time to provide non-transparent backplane, suitable for stadiums, outdoor advertising lamp area of large-scale installation.Rental LED Display

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