What You Need To Know To Rental LED Display

- Aug 11, 2017-

      Large-scale events, such as the demand for more activities, due to the festival celebrations and stage LED display demand in the continuous exuberant. The stage display screen will not be used for a long time, because of the active performance, so the rental screen will be more economical. All of the screens are installed by the professionals who conduct the site guidance leasing company, can save unnecessary trouble. Stage led rental screen in the use of the process should pay attention to:Rental LED Display
     First, the quality of the rental display. These will affect the performance of the stage LED display, because of the flatness of the LED display, the reduction of color, brightness and visual angle, there is no dead-dead phenomenon, so the quality of the performance will give a great impact on the atmosphere of the scene. Second, LED display price problem. The current market price is probably in the 1000 per square meter price, stage LED display prices, screen size and type to calculate the price, but the actual budget will also need to be based on the length of the lease to give a reasonable price. Third, the LED screen rental screen must ensure good use of the environment. IV. The credibility of the leasing company.Rental LED Display
    Leasing companies must have professional stage LED display Technology engineering team, the choice must be the first-class stage rental equipment, in customer service must put the customer's needs in the first place, to try to meet the needs of customers, if not deal with these prelude, then the end of the collection will be a very troublesome thing.Rental LED Display
    Spacing LED Display Power number calculation method: Small spacing LED display, how many boards a power supply can carry (power is 30A and 40A, monochrome is 8 Unit board 1 40A power supply, double color is 6 unit Plate 1 power supply, if the full color unit plate is good to press Kangliang when the maximum power to calculate). Small spacing LED display power is generally 5 v. On the board power supply seat 5V and GND, note that the positive and negative polarity can not be reversed, when the board of the time as long as positive and negative very good will not have any problems, but also pay attention not to let the positive and negative short-circuit.     According to the total power of the screen to find the required power supply for example: a screen long with 12 P10 modules, high 3 P10 modules in all: 36 modules So the required number of power supply LED display price =32*16*0.1*36*0.5/5/40=4 6 (5 power supply); U represents the voltage, I represents the current, usually we use the power supply voltage is 5V, there is very clear, according to the total power of the screen to find the required number of power supply = average Power/A power supply (power supply voltage * Power current) For example: Semi-outdoor P10:5v40a power supply can be brought with: a power supply can take several units of the number = power supply voltage * The current/unit plate of the transverse pixel/unit of the longitudinal pixel points/0.1/2.Rental LED Display

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