High Quality Outdoor Fixed P8mm LED Screen for Advertising

High Quality Outdoor Fixed P8mm LED Screen for Advertising

1.OUTDOOR SMD3535 with high brightness more than 6500CD. 2.MBI5124IC with high refresh rate more than 1920HZ. 3.WITH 3years warranty and good quality. 4.We will delivery the goods as your demand,you can choose the cheaper and convenient way.

Product Details

Our vision is to continue to innovate and provide core competitive advantages of our P4.8 Rental LED Screen, P5-8mm Outdoor Transparent Led Sings, P5.33 Indoor Rental Panel to help our customers succeed. We will give priority to the interests of customers, fully understand their needs, and provide customers with a complete overall solution. To create value for our customers is our commendation. We will follow this creed and continue to strive to exceed customer expectations! We protect the legitimate rights of our employees, establish a fair and equitable profit distribution mechanism, and promptly solve the problems that arise in their lives and work. We ensure efficient and timely service to our customers, through on-site maintenance, on-site training and other rapid response methods. Market competition is an endless race, therefore we have a long way to go on the new journey.

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Our company aims to develop into a reliable supplier of High Quality Outdoor Fixed P8mm LED Screen for Advertising by constantly innovating, pursuing tiptop products and excellent services, and devoting to provide competitive and innovative solutions top our customers. Our goal is to provide high-end products at low cost. Innovation is the soul of our company. Our goal is to continuously carry out business innovation, management innovation and system innovation to maintain the vigorous vitality of the enterprise. In the future, we will strive towards new goals and take a firm step towards a new journey with our partners.
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