Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof LED Neon Sign Custom for Bar/Hotel/Street/Wedding Decoration

Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof LED Neon Sign Custom for Bar/Hotel/Street/Wedding Decoration

1. Elegant appearance, light and compact. 2. No steel structure, cost saving. 3. Energy conservation and environmental protection, easy to operate. 4. Convenient and quick maintenance and wide application.

Product Details

To perfect our service, we provide the products with the good quality at the reasonable price for Rental LED Display, P15mm Outdoor Curtain LED Media Facade, Indoor Poster LED Display. At the same time, we constantly develop new products to improve product quality, brand value and market share. Welcome to build the well and long standing business relationships with our company to create a glorious future together. We have won wide praise from our customers based on the business policy of 'quality creates brand, integrity wins market'. In the future, our company will continue to develop, expand the scale, accelerate the development of new products, and improve the quality of service.


  1. More than 80% of the perspective effect makes the glass retain the function of the lighting perspective, and it is far from possible to see the existence of LED lights, so that the space near the glass curtain wall is not affected.

  2. The construction structure, the module USES special glue to stick to the glass curtain wall behind, 10 seconds can solidify, convenient and quick. Not to use complicated support steel frame, can save a lot of installation cost.

  3. If the display of LED glass curtain wall is installed, it can save a large part of the bright lights of the external wall, and the LED screen is more absorbable, which can save cost and have advertising benefits.

  4. As long as there is a glass curtain wall, this product can be used. Such as Banks, shopping malls, theatres, commercial streets, chain stores, hotels, municipal public buildings, landmarks and so on.

Through scientific and objective analysis and collation, our company has carried out accurate and effective market positioning, provided Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof LED Neon Sign Custom for Bar/Hotel/Street/Wedding Decoration design scheme in line with the needs of enterprise development. Driven by the spirit of 'surpassing ourselves and creating first-class', our company actively promotes technological innovation and continuously expands the market space. We have been experienced manufacturer.
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