P7.8-15.625 Outdoor Transparent LED Sings

P7.8-15.625 Outdoor Transparent LED Sings

1.slim and high brightness. 2.beautiful and Practical. 3.Energy saving and low consumption. 4.Easy installation operation.

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   LED glass screen has many advantages, such as easy control of traditional LED display, low voltage DC drive, rich combination of color and long service life. More because of its unique advantages in the application of glass curtain wall, it is widely used in urban lighting engineering and large screen display system. At the same time, it can be used as an indoor display curtain wall, which is widely used in large square lighting, stage setting, bar, high grade singing and dancing hall, city landmark building, municipal architecture, airport, automobile 4S store, hotel, bank, brand chain store and so on. It has both the practicability and beauty of the display screen with LED glass display screen. And concealment.

Product features:

  LED glass has all the features of sandwich safety glass, it has the advantages of LED high efficiency luminescence and low carbon energy saving. The two people are fully integrated with a transparent texture, no traverse appearance and bright light, and make this high-end glass product full of scientific and technological sense and future.

Technical analysis:

A: Energy consumption and energy efficiency

Improving the LED light efficiency and reducing the energy consumption of screen display is an important development direction of the LED glass screen technology. It has the following positive significance: energy saving, emission reduction, protection of the environment, reducing the input of electric power increase, power equipment and heat dissipation equipment, reducing the temperature rise of the glass screen, retarding the LED attenuation speed, improving the system reliability and prolonging the glass screen. Life, reduce the temperature drift of the photoelectric parameters of the glass screen, and stabilize the image effect.

The luminous efficiency (i.e. external quantum efficiency) of LED is determined by the quantum efficiency and escape rate of LED. Now, the internal quantum efficiency of LED has reached over 90%. Due to the low escape rate, the external quantum efficiency has become the bottleneck of improving the optical efficiency of LED.

B: Uniformity and clarity

With the development of LED glass screen technology, uniformity has become the most important index to measure the quality of glass screens. That is the dust effect and mosaic phenomenon.

The main causes of the uneven phenomenon are the inconsistency of the LED performance parameters, the insufficient assembly precision in the process of production and installation of the glass screen, the insufficient electrical parameters consistency of other electronic components, and the unstandard design of the modules and PCB.

Among them, "the inconsistency of LED's performance parameters" is the main reason. The inconsistencies of these performance parameters include the inconsistency of light intensity, the inconsistency of the optical axis, the inconsistent color coordinates, the inconsistency of the intensity distribution curves of each base color, and the inconsistency of the attenuation characteristics.

At present, there are two main technical ways to solve the inconsistency of LED performance parameters: one is to improve the consistency of LED performance by further subdivision of LED specification parameters, and the two is to improve the uniformity of the glass screen by the way of subsequent correction. Subsequent correction has also been developed from early module calibration and module calibration to today's point by point correction. Correction technology has been developed from light intensity correction to intensity correction.

C: Luminance and angle of view

The brightness of glass screen is mainly determined by the intensity of LED and the density of LED. In recent years, the new technologies of LED, such as substrate, epitaxy, chip and encapsulation, have emerged in an endless stream, especially the stability and maturity of the technology and technology of the indium tin oxide (ITO) current expansion layer, which greatly improved the luminescence intensity of LED. At present, under the condition of 110 degrees and 50 degrees of vertical angle of view, the luminous intensity of the green tube has reached 4000mcd, the red tube reaches 1500mcd, and the blue tube reaches 1000mcd at the level of 110 degrees and the vertical angle of view. When the pixel spacing is 20mm, the brightness of the display can reach more than 10000nit. The display can work all day in any environment.

D: Glass screen pixels out of control

There are many reasons for losing control of pixel on glass screen, and the most important reason is "LED failure".

The main reasons for the failure of LED can be divided into two aspects: one is the poor quality of LED itself; the other is the improper use of the method of LED. The failure of many LED is usually not found in routine tests of LED. In addition to improper use of electrostatic discharge, high current (causing high junction temperature) and external strength, many LED failures are caused by the difference of thermal expansion coefficient of LED chip, epoxy resin, stent, inner lead, solid crystal adhesive, PPA cup and other materials under high temperature, low temperature, temperature change or other bad conditions. Produced by different internal stresses.

E: Life

The factors that affect the life of the LED glass panel are internal and external factors, including the performance of peripheral components, the performance of LED light emitting devices, the anti fatigue property of the products, and the working environment of the LED display screen, etc.

LED glass screen as the product of modern high-tech development, the picture is vivid, low energy consumption, long life, is the best form of advertising, a green and energy-saving product is favored by people, and will also be a mainstream media, leading to display the future of technology. It is important to master the key quality technology of LED glass.


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